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A Journey through Fantasy Ancient World

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Alarya and the Ride adventure.

Alarya Online is a fantasy MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) based on the history of the famous road, a network of trade routes which linked the regions of the ancient world in commerce. The name evokes images of caravans wading through desert sand, and an ancient network of trade and cultural.

Alarya Online is a virtual world that recreates cities, roads, concepts and adventures in which Merchants, with the help of Hunters, take chances for trading while Thieves intend to steal their goods. Trading activity is about exchanging goods among different cities and regions and gain profit. You call your friends, decide where to start and how much money to invest, group up, get ready with a train of camels and buffalos, and then start the journey. What is certain is that your travel will not be easy. Robbers will try to attack you, steal goods from you and sell them by themselves

There is a very large world to be explored in which Players are free to choose their destiny. Will you choose to become a rich Merchant, travelling everyday with long train of camels full of load of goods? Maybe a bandit all people are afraid of? Or a mighty hunter to protect the peace?

They all have different goals, but all of them have something in common.

Original game experience.

If you are looking for the original game experience, without any game core editings, this is made for you!
Choose your favorite race and make your first character. Would you choose to start as strong chinese martial artist in beautiful china landscapes? Or would you prefer to play european warriors masters of sword and magic?
Whatever your choice, you will meet new people either friends or foes. Join strong guilds and fight epic wars.

Exclusive Starter pack.

Create your in-game character and receive immediately all the items you need to start the game: Potions, Speed drugs, Grab Pet, Return scrolls, etc.

Job Ranking and weekly rewards.

Job system is the core in original experience. Weekly ranking of activity will be provided and exclusive gift at top players such as skill buffs, honor buffs, in-game coins.
All you have to do is creating an Academy. Honor buffs will be linked to job contribution.

Chinese competitive rework.

Chinese elementary skills have been collected in the exclusive unique Power mastery in order to have more competitive chinese characters. Furthermore, an additional skill has been added.

Quest System improved.

Quests have been redefined and will reward players with much more experience and skill points.

Elixir Alchemy redefined

Higher probability of success in alchemy system.

Unique Monsters kill rewards

Players that kill unique monsters will receive coins as reward.

Coin/hour system

The more you play, the more you gain!
At level 20 your character will gain coin every hour of gameplay.

Elite Job suits

Elite job suits have been added for both Chinese and European characters.

In-Game Events

Have fun with our in-game events such as Trivia, Lottery, Re-Type..


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